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WSBKA Annual Bee Market & Auction

Saturday 27h April

WSBKA Annual Bee Market & Auction,
Chichester College's Brinsbury Campus,

Chichester College's Brinsbury Campus,

New Beginners Course 2024

New Beginners Course 2024

The course aims to provide an introduction to the basic knowledge that you will need to set up and manage a hive safely.

Venue: Glebelands Greystoke Road, Ferring BN12 5JL. Time 7.45 -9.45pm
Dates: Thursday 21st March, Thursday 28th March, Thursday 4th April, Thursday 18th April Thursday 25th April.

West Sussex Beekeepers Convention

West Sussex Beekeepers Annual Convention
Saturday 24th February 2024, 9.30am – 4.30 pm
Lodge Hill, Pulborough, West Sussex.
The Convention has again attracted exceptional speakers to cover a wide range of topics with the main lectures being presented by Professor Lars Chittka, Margaret Murdin and Lynne Ingram. There is something for everyone, beginner to expert.

Lars Chittka is the author of the book ‘The Mind of a Bee’ and Professor of Sensory and Behavioural Ecology at Queen Mary College of the University of London. He is also the founder of the Research Centre for Psychology at Queen Mary. He has made fundamental contributions to our understanding of animal cognition and its impact on evolutionary fitness studying bumblebees and honeybees. Lars regularly appears in the media, gives lectures and is author/co-author of books and many journal articles. Lars will be giving a main talk on ‘The Mind of the Bee’.
Margaret Murdin holds a degree in biological sciences, is a Master Beekeeper and holds the National Diploma in Beekeeping. She was previous Chair of the BBKA Trustees and past president of BBKA but for all the high positions she has held, describes herself as an ordinary, practical beekeeper who is naturally interested in furthering the education and training opportunities available to our BBKA members. Margaret is an examiner for all levels of BBKA exams and also moderates the practical exams. Margaret will give a main talk on ‘The Queen’ and will also run a seminar on ‘Keeping Healthy Colonies’.

Lynne Ingram is a Master Beekeeper with over 30 years’ experience in beekeeping. She is an active participative member of Somerset Beekeepers Association, where she is very involved in the education of fellow beekeepers and is also the Asian Hornet Co-ordinator. She recently organised the first South West region AHAT training event. Lynne was elected to the BBKA Exam Board in 2019. She is an examiner for the Basic, General Husbandry, Microscopy and Bee Health assessments, as well as for the written Module exams and is also a Correspondence Course tutor. Lynne will give a main talk on the Asian Hornet, titled ‘Know your Enemy’ and will also run a seminar on ‘The Importance of Drones’.
Apart from the three main lectures, you can choose to attend two out of the six seminars and in between times it is a great opportunity to catch up with beekeeping friends throughout the County and beyond.


Margaret Murdin - Keeping Healthy Colonies

Lynne Ingram – The Importance of Drones

Sue Remenyi – Where do Honey Bees travel for pollen? Results of a community study

Sue Remenyi – Wasp control in the apiary

Andrew Gibb – Environment, Bees, Food

Andrew Gibb – Simple Queen Rearing

The day promises to be both entertaining and stimulating. Tea and coffee will be served during the breaks and also a simple lunch. Advance booking per person for WSBKA members, £30. Members of other Associations and non-members, £37. On the day if space allows, £37.
Further details will be available on the WSBKA web site at the end of December and the Booking Form and Programme will be attached to next month’s (end of December) newsletter.

Upcoming Webinars ­
BIBBA members will be able to join us live for our winter webinar series and non-members will be able to enjoy the recordings.


Associations can list their talks and see
what BBKA are offering.


Please sign our new honey petition which calls on the Government to change the Honey labelling rules so consumers can easily recognise all countries of origin of the honey contained in a jar sold here in the UK.

Following our members' propositions and direction at the 2021 ADM, this is the second honey petition in our efforts to maintain pressure on the government to address this important issue. If you signed the first petition, please be sure to sign this one too.

The important underlying issue here is ‘Funny’ Honey - i.e honey that has not necessarily involved a honeybee collecting nectar, processing and storing in the hive. Supermarket own-label honey can be bought for as little as 69p a jar. Although supermarkets say every jar of honey is “100% pure” and can be traced back to the beekeeper, there is no requirement to identify the countries of origin of honey blended from more than one country. We want consumers to start looking at the labels when buying honey – does it clearly state the country of origin? If it seems cheap compared to the other honeys on the shelf, ask themselves why?

We kindly ask all members to share the petition link with family and friends and on social media to help us reach our goal of 100,000 signatures which means the Government must consider the issue for debate in Parliament. The support of the general public and not just the beekeeping community is essential to achieve this result so please share as widely as possible.


You are probably aware that a derogation has been approved by the Minister for Agriculture allowing the use of a banned pesticide (Cruiser SB: Thiamethoxam, a neonicotinoid) to be used on sugar beet in 2022. This pesticide will be applied to seed as a dressing before planting if a high aphid count is seen. Aphids carry a virus known as Yellows which adversely affects some crops.

​The BBKA is totally opposed to the use of this and similar pesticides due to their effecton on not only the honey bees but other pollinators, and the wider environment. The BBKA has considered the use of the HMG Petition system, however with a decision due on the 1st March 2022, we believe that suffiicient time does not exist for a petition to be raised.

As this matter is urgent, will you please register your opposition to the use of this type of chemical by signing any petition which opposes the use of any of such damaging pesticides.

A petition has been started on the government website. Enough signatures on this link forces the government to discuss it in the House of Commons.

Active Petitions include:

The ‘precautions’ for the use of this chemical to ‘protect’ pollinators is to ban any flowering crops (or ground cover) in the soil where this treated seed is used for a period of 32 months following the crop planting and the use of herbicides to prevent flowering of any weeds (wildflowers?).

Therefore, there cannot be any forage for Bees or other Pollinators for 3 years in any land used to grow crops treated with this chemical. This will be effectively at best a green monoculture with no forage for any pollinator. If any pollinators survive they will STARVE.

​Please express your opposition to the use of this chemical by supporting any suitable petition and writing to your MP. You can find the contact details for your MP by using the link and entering your postcode.

Adopt a Beehive
Honey Bees need your help - contact the BBKA for further information.

Bringing farmers and beekeepers together, and keeping beekeepers notified when a neighbouring farmer is applying insecticides to their crops.

The Glebelands Centre
Greystoke Road, Ferring, BN12 5JL

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​Out Apiary Program & Meetings

  • Wednesday 26th June 2024
    Mid Summer Picnic

    Worthing BKA Mid-Summer picnic at the Out

  • Saturday 10th August 2024
    Honey Extraction Day

    Worthing BKA Mid-Summer picnic at the Out

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